Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day to Night Dresses

Hi everyone, so I have another fashion post today as I'd like to talk about some of the day and night time dress I like to go for! I don't get the chance to take full length pictures of my outfits very often as I don't own a full length mirror, but I definitely want to get more of them so I can share Outfit of the Day posts with you all.

These pictures aren't going to be the usual kind you're probably used to seeing in fashion blogs of chic, elegant women posing in front of various interesting backgrounds!

I love how dresses are so easy to wear and basically make an outfit with minimal effort. I always feel slightly awkward posing with my hand on my hip for some reason so I only have one photo here with that pose haha.

For a day dress, I really like this New Look Tall purple dress which I got the very last one in (sorry!) on with 20% off, so it was only about £8!

My shoes are from Dorothy Perkins :)
I just wore it for a day at my Grandad's spending time with my family sitting outside under an awning. It was very warm and sunny and this dress was just a nice casual day dress which kept me cool. I know considering it's plain I probably should have paired it with some jewellery but I'm honestly not a big jewellery-wearer. I do quite like the 3D daisy bracelet the model is wearing on the website but I haven't been able to find it or one like it yet. My sunglasses are a freebie pair I got with an issue of Cosmopolitan ages ago. This month's issue actually has free sunglasses as well as a packet of Mentos fruit sweets!

Here are three of my going out dresses:

Click to make this picture bigger!
I think the style of the middle dress works quite well with my smallish boobs and I really like this belt for pairing with different outfits. The midboob dress (lol) is another one of my favourites and is from Topshop over two years ago! The red dress is actually from the Rihanna for River Island collection yonks ago, it's a bit sexier than I usually go for but I like it has a dipped hem flowing at the back - it helps with keeping my modesty whilst bending down! It also has an open back and a culotte style so it's a little bit like a playsuit. Here's Elle Fanning looking gorgeous in the same dress. That picture is from my 21st Birthday night out :) I wear heels on most nights out although sometimes I can't be bothered and I'm tall as it is so I don't like to feel like a giant in them!

Again for night, and on dinner date nights with my boyfriend I like to wear a slightly posh and feminine dress.

Do you like my socks? :D
I love the sweetheart neckline of this floral Dorothy Perkins dress and I have a few other date night dresses from DP; they do great styles which bring you in at the waist and then flare out a little bit which is very flattering. Something about this dress seems slightly wintery and on the DP website the model wears it with thick tights and boots, but I still think it's a good date night dress in the summertime. This dress is completely sold out on the website unfortunately but if you like it you can still find out whether any nearby stores might still have your size!

For cover ups I generally would wear a light jumper over the day dress and a beige leather jacket over the night time dresses, although I do sometimes like to wear my leather jacket during the day.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

How do you take your style from day to night when it comes to dresses? :)

Thanks for reading,

Sabrina xx


  1. I love the red dress!

  2. Wow you look awesome. I love that orange dress its perfect for summer & looks great with your hair. That magenta dress is gorg too! You have such great taste.


  3. Ooh I like the going out dresses - especially the pink ones!

  4. The red dress from RI is absolutely gorgeous! I really like the New Look dress you picked up from Asos as well, lucky you managed to grab the last one!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. What color lipstick would you wear with a black dress?night out dresses

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