Monday, 9 February 2015

Review: Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette

Hi! So for my first proper beauty blogging post I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on a recent release by Urban Decay, the limited edition Naked on the Run Palette, which Urban Decay describe as:

The ultimate travel kit for Naked junkies, this palette comes loaded with EVERYTHING you need for a complete Naked look.

Yep, it has you all set - well apart from with foundation, concealer and brushes!
I received this product for Christmas and have really enjoyed using it. It's actually briefly stopped me from buying any more make-up since at the time it had been a while since I'd tried anything new and I was getting tempted (even though I have plenty of make-up.)
It is a little bit bulky but you do get plenty in there and it doesn't weigh that much. It also has a built in mirror which is very handy on the go.

So what do you get?

A travel size Perversion Mascara.
I have mixed thoughts about this mascara. When I first used it on Christmas Day it gave me what I consider an almost perfect mascara look, as you can see below. It gave me super long and fluttery eyelashes with only one coat. However since then I've had some doubts about it, as that length and curl sometimes drops throughout the day and if I wear it for a long time I notice it smudging underneath my eyes - not ideal at all, especially when I'm tired and that smudging is adding to the darkness underneath my eyes! The other day it smudged after about 8 hours and I hadn't even had watery eyes that day. It's a shame because I know this mascara can look really good.The brush is also not what I would usually go for and it picks up a lot of product, sometimes leading to a rather clumpy application, which I then sometimes have to comb out by using 17's Falsifeye HD mascara, which has a much nicer brush and is also amazing. So as a side note, in this case the drugstore mascara is definitely better.

Perversion Mascara as it looked on Christmas Day

You also get a travel size 24/7 glide-on Eyeliner in Stag, which is a nice, easy-to-wear brown colour and very easy to apply (I'm not someone who wears eyeliner very often and like a lot of people I'm not particularly confident with liquid eyeliner!) I already own a full size eyeliner by Urban Decay in gunmetal, which I neglected for a while but I've now found it and put it back in my main make up bag, since the formulation of these eyeliners is just perfect, and I'd love to try more!

You also get a full size Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss in Sesso is a very pretty and wearable neutral pink which will probably suit a good variety of skin tones. I do think you could probably find a very similar gloss to this in Boots, but this one is a fair amount less sticky than most drugstore/high street lip glosses I own. It also is fairly nourishing and it has an inoffensive smell.
I haven't worn it a huge amount so far because of the windy winter days we've been having, as I don't want to get the awful hair-stuck-to-lips situation! I'm not a huge lipgloss fan so I might have personally preferred a lipstick in my 'on the run' kit, but it's still a nice product and it goes well with the overall 'look' you achieve from the kit.

Lip Gloss in Sesso

You then get six brand new shades of Eyeshadows, including a larger '5050', which is a highlighting/all-over-the-lid shade. They are all gorgeous, beautifully pigmented (like you can expect from UD) and perfect for creating a a nice eyeshadow look on the go. I sort of wish a mini-brush and/or a mini primer potion had been provided though (like in the first Naked Palette.)

Last but not least, there is a Bronzer and Blush duo, which I haven't used a huge amount yet because the shades aren't brilliant choices for my super-pale skin. I think I can see myself using them a lot more in the summer though, which is also when I'm a lot more likely to travel and need to take the kit with me! I don't use bronzer very much but the colour is definitely a bit too dark for me at the moment. The blush is okay on my skin though - it's a cheerful, almost bubblegum pink that will suit most skin tones!

You can buy Urban Decay's Naked on the Run Palette from Debenhams here, priced at £37 (which I think is fairly reasonable considering the amount of products you get!) It definitely makes a good gift or simply a great way to treat yourself.

Hope you liked this first proper beauty post, please comment if you have any thoughts you'd like to share on this product and/or feedback/tips for the blog!

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